In the summer of 2000, a "Digimon Adventures 02" movie was released in Japan. (This was the second half of "Digimon: The Movie", released in the US.) This movie introduced Terriermon (also known as "Gumimon", which is actually the In-Training form). Before I joined the Digimon Tamers team, it had already been decided that Terriermon would be a regular cast member for this series.

Of course, I intended to respect the character of Terriermon as created by Ms. Reiko Yoshida, screenwriter of the Digimon 02 movie. However, from the second episode onwards (when Terriermon makes his first appearance), it seems that he became a bit of a unique character.

When I think back to why this happened, I can pinpoint the cause.

Long before we started recording the voice tracks for the series, I stood in on a recording session for the voice chips that were to be used in various toys. At this time, I was very much affected by Ms. Tomoko Kaneda (Calumon)and Aoi Tada (Terriermon) as they performed their respective voices. If you hear the Japanese version of the series, I think you'll understand.

One of the lines recorded for the toy (although it was not used, as the final product became "Toko Toko Waddling Terriermon") was Terriermon's main attack, "Petit Twister". This line, which had the power to make the listeners feel warm and fuzzy inside, was enough to shift my mental image of Terriermon. While Terriermon was a well-meaning and devoted character in the movie, the Terriermon that appears in Digimon Tamers has a cynical side, yet still manages to be sympathetic, leading to a truly special personality.

I think that "Digimon Tamers" benefited greatly as a series from the presence of both Terriermon and Calumon.

If "Digimon Tamers" had been written as a straight, serious adventure show, it would have quickly been swallowed up by all of the tough, violent scenes. However, these two characters (having written the series, I think of them as characters, not creatures) were able to change the mood of any scene simply by being there, and I feel that they added great depth to the show as a whole.

Terriermon was beloved by the script-writing team as a whole.

There are many scenes which stay in my heart as favorites, such as Terriermon's conversations with Henry in the third episode, but the very best scene for me is from the last episode. When Terriermon devolves into Gummymon and smiles, "Henry, Mo-man-tai", it is a scene that I love so much