Shaochung Lee (aka Suzie Wong)

Henry has a older brother, an older sister, and a younger sister as well.
When the series was being created, it didn't even occur to me that I should make Suzie, the younger sister, a digimon tamer as well.
However, when I saw the completed version of the opening sequence, as directed by Mr. Kaizawa, I was surprised to see Suzie, standing among the other tamers and bravely raising her Digivice.
This automatically led to the decision to make Suzie into a digimon tamer.
When I later spoke to Director Kaizawa, he was very laid back about it, and said "Well, I thought that maybe that scene comes after the series ends."

After a while, Mr. Nakatsuru sent me a collection of sketches of Suzie's facial expressions. There were many comic pictures of Suzie and Terriermon, still pretending to be a stuffed animal... sheets and sheets of them, in fact. Animate has published a collection of the character designs for
Digimon Tamers, and you can see quite a few of these illustrations there.

When I asked Mr. Nakatsuru about these sketches, he said that he "couldn't stop drawing" them. I felt that it would be criminal *not* to include scenes like this when he'd done so many sketches, and discussed with the writing team how we might sneak in more scenes of Suzie and Terriermon.

Suzie was most active and energetic in episode 33, "Rabbit Transit" (in Japan, episode 34 "Shaochung Goes to the Digital World"). I requested Ms. Reiko Yoshida to write this episode, as she had first breathed life (and words) into Terriermon and Lopmon in the Digimon 02 Movie.

I had helped Ms. Yoshida on the series "Kasumin", which she story-edited, so I hoped that she would do me a favor in return by writing an episode that features Terriermon and Lopmon.

The conversations between Suzie and Antyllamon were very unique, with a style that only Ms. Yoshida could pull off.