Ryo Akiyama

Even before I had joined the Digimon Tamers team, there was a character that had already been destined to appear in the third season of Digimon.
This was Ryo, the main character of the WonderSwan Digimon game.

As Ryo was a very popular character in Japan, the plan was to draw him into the TV series, as well. However, since Digimon Tamers has a very different
world view and continuity from the previous Digimon series, it was difficult to figure out how to introduce him.

I let Mr. Motoki Yoshimura handle all of Ryo's character development, as Ms. Genki Yoshimura was the screen writer for Ryo's first episode.
Ryo's refreshingly confident personality doesn't exactly contradict the character from the WonderSwan game, but I still feel that it made him uniquely part of the Digimon Tamers world.