At first, I had a sort of androgynous image in mind for Renamon. Officially, digimon do not have gender; however, many Digimon such as Agumon and Gabumon acted like young boys, and there are quite a few obviously female digimon as well. If anything, gender seems fairly easy to identify in digimon.

Eventually, Renamon would become Sakuyamon, a very feminine digimon. I thought that I was start Renamon out as a "genderless" digimon, and have that be a large part of its personality.

In the last episode of Digimon Tamers, Rika says that "It's not so easy for humans to change". However, Rika herself, as well as her relationship with Renamon, was one of the things that changed most drastically through the series.

Although the writers were not consciously trying to prompt these changes, Rika, Renamon, and the relationship between the two shifted seemingly on their own, and it was very interesting watching things develop from behind the scenes.

In the Japanese show, Renamon was played by Ms. Yuka Imai. Producer Seki came up with the idea of Ms. Imai playing Rika's all-female family. When the recording sessions started, I was astonished. Ms. Imai truly possessed a chameleon-like voice, giving Rika's mother, grandmother, and the different digivolved forms of Renamon their own attractive individuality.

The Digimon series has had many CDs and CD singles released in Japan, but my favorite is a song sung by Ms. Imai as Renamon.

When Renamon digivolved into Sakuyamon, I thought that it would be interesting if we could have a battle where she did not shout out attack names, but sang them like a poem. I spoke with Director Kaizawa and Producer Seki, and we were able to make it a reality.

In episode 39, "Song of Sakuyamon", Sakuyamon chants as she uses her powers. These songs were recorded in the studio after the voice tracks for the show were done. Mr. Motoki Yoshimura wrote the lyrics, and Ms. Imai wrote the melody herself. She notes that she wrote the melody "in the style of a lullaby".