The Digignomes

In the series "Digimon Tamers", the Digital World is not a fantasy world that the Digimon live in, but an alternate world based on the concept of a network or world wide web. It is a world that was created as I imagined what sort of place would be home to wild digimon who fight for survival.

If digimon are interpreted in a realistic fashion, it would be unnatural for the Digital World to have *only* digimon in it.

I explained to the staff from the beginning that in such a world, there must be virtual creatures other than digimon who have evolved without human aid... regardless of how these would be involved in the story. (Another of these existences was the D Reaper.)

The digignomes were created specifically for this animated series, and were designed by Mr. Nakatsuru.

Gnomes are earth-dwelling spirits in Celtic and Norse mythology, and they are often portrayed as little old men wearing pointy hats. They are like fairies, like Puck or Robin Goodfellow, and in the end, the Digignomes were the ultimate tricksters in the Digimon Tamers story.

I have presented things in Digimon Tamers so that logical, a logical, science fictional interpretation of the Digignomes and their activities is possible.

However, an otherworldly presence like the Digignomes would be wonderful in not only the world of Digimon Tamers, but also our real world, and our computer networks... Thus, I avoided presenting a single unified answer on the question of the Digignomes.

The Digignomes innocent laughter was portrayed by all of the voice actresses, working in unison.