A mascot-like digimon who has no partner, and has no digivolution.

This was Calumon's role in the series, as decided in the rough notes. At the time, it had already been suggested that Calumon should be something that gave many digimon the power to digivolve.

Until the end of the "Digital World" story arc, this was Calumon's main role in the story.

Ms. Tomoko Kaneda, who played the role of Calumon, often said in interviews that Calumon doesn't have a partner... and so, perhaps he wishes everyone to love him and treat him as though they are his partner. I believe that this may also have been a large part of Calumon.

In the Japanese series, digimon often have unique accents or speech patterns. However, I preferred that the digimon in "Digimon Tamers" speak more like children, using normal speech rather than affectations.

Calumon needed to have a strong impact on the audience, however, and became an exception, with the habit of adding "Calu?" or "Kuru?" to the end of sentences.

The writing staff think that, since Calumon does not have a partner and appeared very suddenly, he must have given himself the name "Calumon". The speech pattern must also come from this.

Director Kaizawa was very specific in how Calumon should speak, particularly his well-mannered habits and intonation.

I decided that Calumon was not a true virtual creature (digimon), but was in fact program data that would act as an accelerator or catalyst for digivolution. The next problem was what to do with him after he had used this power.

I thought that it would be wrong to let Calumon's role in the drama end there. I thought about what kind of person Calumon was... how he had interacted with Takato and his friends, how he had interacted with Jerri...

Keeping all these things in mind, how would Calumon "do his best" to help the others?

With all these things in mind, I wrote the penultimate episode of Digimon Tamers.

Calumon is known as "digi-entelechies" in program form. Entelechies are a concept created by Aristotle, a state in which something has achieved its full potential and is serving its destined role. It is a term that is used in artificial intelligence research as well as philosophy.