Alice McCoy

Alice McCoy is a sort of guest character who appears in Episode 44: The Messenger.
She is Dobermon's partner.

Every year, a magazine published by Shuueisha Books holds a Digimon Design Contest. The first prize winner was to be introduced into the series, and this year, Dobermon was chosen.

Dobermon is a poised, elegant Digimon. As I tried to figure out how to weave him into the drama, I was inspired with the idea of making him a messenger and a conduit for the Sovereigns, as they give power to the tamers and digimon in the real world.

What sort of partner would this digimon have...?

The image that rose to my mind was a young girl in gothic clothing.

Alice is the granddaughter of "Dolphin", aka Professor Rob McCoy, leader of the "Wild Bunch". Brought to life by actress Yuka Imai, she became a unique, individualistic young girl unlike any of the other digimon tamers.

The following is my own personal thoughts, not necessarily canonical or correct, but...

There is a scene in which Dolphin looks at a framed picture of his granddaughter, and calls out her name. Although it is unusual in Japan to carry around pictures of loved ones, it was my understanding that it was quite natural for westerners to take photos of family members with them on vacation.
I had not imbued that scene with any special meaning.

In the framed picture, Alice shows an innocent, child-like smile.
But Dolphin (played by Mr. Masami Kikuchi in the Japanese) called out to Alice with great feeling in his voice.

As I listened to the recorded dialogue, I got a strange feeling... that perhaps, long before the story of Digimon Tamers had started, Alice had left this world.

Mind you, this is just my own imagination.